Painting exhibition #54 | “Social distancing” exhibited in Warsaw

From June 26 the reproduction of a painting “Social distancing” hangs on an abandoned billboard, standing in a meadow near Wilanów Town (271 Przyczółkowa Street, towards Konstancin), as a part of my  long-term urban art project called “Painting exhibition”.
For me, it is a special picture painted in special times, and for good reason it was hung on a billboard in the urban space. The picture was made in April at the beginning of the lockdown, when we were all separated in our homes, not yet fully understanding what was actually going on. The sight of masked people aroused fear for their own health and the lives of loved ones.
Today, after 3 months, our attitude to the pandemic is transforming. Everyone has learned to live in their own way in these difficult times.

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* This painting was sold at the auction in Desa Unicum on 2nd July 2020.