Wystawa online Feminist Art Museum | 2021




Bardzo się cieszę, że moje 3 obrazy zostały wybrane jako element wystawy instagramowej Feminist Art Museum.

The Feminist Art Museum is a digital art museum featuring the best in intersectional art. We support people of color, queer, and womxn artists first. We showcase works that embrace the nuances of all feminisms. We aim to raise awareness of societal inequities and positive ways to disrupt them through visual art. >>


The vagina is revealed to the public in Beata’s paintings. It is being watched, without having to be voyered. Most often it is presented as an object. As a work of art, placed in an open space such as an object in a museum or gallery. And it has an audience that is looking and is not ashamed. The vagina is exposed here as something that is separate from the body. It becomes an autonomous phenomenon.

But it is not a prop. Not a phantom of a vagina. It is its revealing and even epiphany. It appears as an object, which is to be looked at. It proudly presents itself before the audience. On the wall of the gallery, in a dream, and in a natural landscape.


„Vulva” from „Mea Vulva” series, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 120×200 cm (2x120x100 cm)


„United states of space” from „Mea Vulva” series, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 120×200 cm (2x120x100 cm)


„#wypierdalać / #fuckoff” from „2020” series, acrylic on canvas, 146×92 cm (2x73x92 cm)