Beata Konarska

Painter, author of site-specific projects, art installations in public places and projects bordering on urban art.
She has been crafting painting projects searching for unique exhibition forms, seeking her own space within the discourse of painting and the surrounding world.

She graduated with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the poster design workshop of Mieczysław Wasilewski, painting studio of Jerzy Tchórzewski and drawing studio of Julian Raczko.
Since 2018 she’s been on PhD studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Beata Konarska is mostly engaged in activities happening within the public space combining painting and design.
She is the co-author of installations set up for public institutions, including “Pegasi” on Krasińskis Square, “Roosters” at the French Embassy, “House on the Tree” at the University Library, “Decalogue” in front of the Palace of Science and Culture and others.

Since 2011 she has been working on the “Painting Exhibition” – a long-term project in the public space involved with her paintings.


Phone: +48 501 719 013