“Art storage” project | Warsaw | 2007 – 2009

ART STORAGE at Comme des Garcon Guerrilla Store: XI 2007 – IV 2008. ART STORAGE at Kultura Cinema during renovation works: XI 2008 – V 2009. In the age of overproduction of images this is an alternative art institution, understood as an “art storage” or a “single painting exhibition”. Organically built-in into the city environment it is neither a shop, nor a contemporary art gallery. Art Storage is an installation displaying a single painting, with more paintings stacked behind. Apart from the painting currently on display, the content of the storage remains un- known- the paintings only come into existence when they are “exhibited”, one by one. The authors of the project decided to circumvent the complicated mechanisms of the art market with all its infrastructure. The artist becomes the painter, the curator, the gallery manager, the handler and the janitor. The aim is to emphasize the importance of a single easel painting. When exhibited, it functions on its own- the only context and limitation being the “peephole” in the storage’s windowpane. ​​​​​​​

Project created in collaboration with Paweł Konarski