“Man in space” | Bochenska Gallery | 2009



Peeped situations, TV frames, YouTube movies are the subjects of Beata Konarska’s paintings. (…) On Konarska’s canvases ordinary situations gain more universal, and often surreal meaning. It is enough for the football on the pitch to leave the players hands and the context of the seen is dramatically changed-‐ suddenly the entire pointlessness and absurdity of human rat-‐race, chaos and the feeling of being lost becomes visible.

Konarska likes story-‐telling, but the full story behind each painting does not need to be known for the quality of the work to be recognized and appreciated, to be reflected upon. The subject is important, but the workmanship alone is excellent-‐ huge formats, expressions of gesture and colour, also subtleness and not overpowering selection of mediums-‐ in the current exhibition at Klima Bochenska’s Gallery we can trace the Artist’s journey from a poster stylist, vivid colours and hypothetical frontier between abstraction and pure realism.

The MAN IN SPACE is not just the show’s title, but is also the subject of each of Beata’s paintings. According to the Artist the man of our times-‐ wrapped with modern technology, appearing strong and a conqueror, in reality is lost, lonely, drifting in space.

Text by Małgorzata Czyńska