“Uniwersum” exhibition | Prom gallery | Warsaw | 02-15.08.2020


“Wilhelmina Iwanowaska. Researcher of the Universe” | acrylic on canvas | 200x120cm (2x100x120cm) | 2020


“UNIWERSUM Exhibition. Artistic interpretations of Polish achievements in the field of space research”

It is an interdisciplinary project that combines two autonomous areas – fine arts and science. Through their works, young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw present the achievements of Polish women and men in the field of research on the universe. The creators freely refer to the little-known figures of scientists who have significantly influenced the image of contemporary Polish astronomy.

The UNIWERSUM project shows that contemporary art can introduce complex problems and scientific phenomena in an interesting and intriguing way. The themes that appear in the works of young artists concern not only the phenomena in space, but also the very process of building an image, or the mechanism of creating, transmitting and processing information.

At the exhibition, we can see how small the distance actually separates the retina from the telescope lens (when the observer turns into the observed one), while the Argonauts ship awaits mythology lovers fascinated by sky maps. The summary of the activities related to the event is a catalog documenting the exhibition presenting reproductions of the created works, containing a description of the profiles of outstanding Polish women and Poles of merit in the field of space research, as well as containing information about their achievements.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Mariusz Bonna, Nastazja Ciupa, Piotr Dudek, Jan Gostyński, Maciej Januszewski, Sonia Jaszczyńska, Agata Klepka, Beata Konarska, Igor Kubik, Marta Lachowska, Ewa Łuczak, Anna Naumova, Agnieszka Sztejerwald, Zuzanna Wołejko, Karolina Zimna-Stelmaszewska

Curator: Magdalena Boffito

Organizer: Foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw