“Flies” series | 2005

The fly was the accidental protagonist, a commentator travelling the urban space. In the context of the project it took on human characteristics: it displayed intelligence, commented on reality or simply observed the world. There were: the artist-fly, the killer-fly, the average Joe-fly, the housewife-fly, the anorexic fly etc.

The exhibition resembled a comic-book scenario, based on the flies’ routes, their encounters in different places in Warsaw, their pre-planned meetings or simply daily trips on (regularly operating) rubbish disposal vans. Enlarged paintings were travelling together with working MPO trucks (Municipal Services and Waste Management Company Ltd) for one month. Once every week all the trucks were meeting in an arranged place for half an hour. The meeting places included: Teatralny Square, The Palace of Culture plaza, the Vistula wilderness and the local landfill.

‘Lunchtime’ aimed to change the viewer’s perspective, break down the stereotypes of different environments, alter the functions ascribed to places, objects, situations. We wanted to introduce art to locations not associated with it in the collective consciousness, teleport painting to ‘virgin territories’: rubbish dumps, chutes, routes of rubbish disposal trucks.


“Lunchtime” urban art project-exhibition view here >>