“What’s your symbol?” project | 2009-2010

A white eagle with a crown is the national symbol of Poland. After World War II, the Communist authorities removed the royal crown from the eagle’s head. The crown came back to its head in 1990. We created the eagles in six variations: • with a crown • without the crown • with the peace dove • with the Christian cross • with the star of David • with the Islamic crescent. The eagle rotates around itself with the help of blowing wind. There were organised “gatherings” of eagles in the open space, adopting certain areas: – Installation on elevations of Centralny Basen Artystyczny in Warsaw [ VII – X 2009 ] – Installation on elevation of Łódź Art Center during Łódź Design 2009 [ X 2009 ] – Polish Cultural Institute in Berlin during Design=Dizajn exhibition [ XI 2009 – II 2010 ]

Project created in collaboration with Paweł Konarski