“Wilhelmina Iwanowska. Researcher of the Universe” painting for “Uniwersum” project | 2020


This painting was created for the “UNIWERSUM” exhibition – artistic interpretations of Polish achievements in the field of space research curated by Magdalena Boffito and organized by Foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


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Notes to the picture.
by Beata Konarska


Periodicity. Time. Birth and death.
Youth and senility. Age. People and Stars. Speed. Movement, distances, distances, scale. Time and Space. The universe. His Mystery and his Infinity.

“I have always liked observations, because they gave me direct contact with the greatest Nature, which is the Universe – the most natural environment of man.”


Absolute brightness in the spectra of stars.
In red.

Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics. Cosmos. Photometric photometry of variable stars. Cepheids. Pulsating stars.

Cepheid RX Aurigae.

Old stars. Young stars. Explosions of supernovae in interstellar space.

What is the universe made of?


“As far as the issue of populations and star subsystems is concerned, I have been concerned with the ‘philosophy’ of this issue from the very beginning.

The chemical composition of stars depends on where they are formed.

The key to the population phenomenon is the age of the stars: the stars of the extreme first population are the youngest, those of the extreme second population are the oldest. “


Freedom. Free exchange of thoughts. Scientists. Friends. Universities. Observatories.

Sweden, Canada, USA, the top of Mount Locke, California. MtWillson Observatory 2000m above Pasadena. Caucasus.

Telescopes 1.5 m, 2.5 m in diameter, telescopes, lenses, optics, spectrographs, radio telescopes.
The beauty of measuring equipment. Her physicality and spirituality. Perfection and imperfection.

“I treated spotting scopes and telescopes as if I were living, friendly creatures.”


Two terrible wars.
Escapes, falls, painful experiences. Death of loved ones. Nothing. Resettlement.
Leaving “the nice city of Vilnius that cannot be forgotten”.
A handful of scientists who survived.
Rebuilding. Education mission. Nicolaus Copernicus University. Toruń.

“Without this suffering my life would not be ‘human’.”


“As far as my passion is concerned, it was research and communing with nature. I did not start my own family and escaped from such a possibility, seeing it as a threat to my greatest gift, which was scientific work.
My ally in this regard was my loneliness. “

“You see, we work a lot here in the States and we suggest each other. The lady works in isolation and has a different, independent view of a number of problems. “


Wilhelmina Iwanowska – a human being in space. Pole. Researcher of the Universe.