Painting exhibition #56 | “#wypierdalać” painting exhibited in Warsaw


Today the poster for the painting “#wypierdalać / fuck off” was hanged in the public space as part of the “Painting Exhibition” – a project run since 2011.

The end of treating women as objects in Poland is coming.
Fuck off! – because we women are nobody’s property.
No leader of a pathological patriarchal political or religious system will decide about our bodies and our lives.
Every third young person in Poland participated in the Women’s Strike demonstrations.
We and the young generation of Polish women born in the European Union will not hand over to governments the xenophobic frustrations of European values, with freedom and the right to self-determination at the forefront. Fuck off!

#freedom # equality #women

“Painting Exhibition” #56, Marszałkowskia-Świętkorzyska crossroad, Warszawa, 27.11.2020

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