“Painting Exhibition” Urban Art Project | 2011-2020

“Painting Exhibition” is an interference organically built‐in into the city environment. It has neither time‐and-space limits nor any formal restrictions. The artist becomes both a painter, a curator and a gallerist possessing unlimited possibilities of exhibiting the works. 

Drifting away from a sterile and enclosed structure of art institutions and searching my own way of communication, I expose the paintings to face the influence of place and time. In the age of overproduction of images and overloaded urban space, I invade it and find not yet taken space to exhibit the painting. 

The rhythm of further exhibitions is defined by the time of creation of the paintings. The exhibitions take place in different cities and countries. The place, the size and the scale of the interference depend on the specifics of the place. I choose it driven by the impulse or a simple need to confront the particular painting with a particular space. How long the single exhibit will live on, mainly depends on when it will be swallowed by the city. 

This process or the record of disappearing/ evolving of a painting is as important and exciting as searching a proper place for the exhibition.

Till now exhibits took place in: 

Warsaw (PL), Gdańsk (PL), Lisbon (PT), Tokyo (JP), Los Angeles (USA), Palms Springs CA (USA), Joshua Tree National Park CA (USA), London (GB), Nice (FR), Barcelona (SP), Venice (IT), Athens (GR), Palermo (IT), Vancouver (CAN)


2011-2018 project run in collaboration with Paweł Konarski