Painting exhibition #57 | “Trash Mounains” exhibited in Warsaw


Christmas is coming. We will buy even more things than usual. First, we will get rid of the cartons, envelopes and bags after purchases and shipments. Then, at the Christmas table, decorative papers, ribbons and sticky tape. Cardboard boxes, protective films and fillers will end up in the trash right after them. And finally, after a few weeks, months or years, this year’s gift or its packaging will go to waste after empting the content. Multiply this by the millions of citizens of the developed world.

In this specific period I “published” (as the #57th exhibit within the “Painting exhibition” project) a reproduction of the painting “Trash Mountains” from the “2020” series. The location of this intervention is near the biggest shopping mall in the centre of Warsaw.

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Painting exhibition #57 – 14.12.2020 / Emilii Plater Str-Jerozolimskie Avenue corner, Warsaw / Poland





“Trash Mountains” from “2020” series, acrylic on canvas, 146×92 cm (2x73x92 cm)