“Himalayas visible from India” exhibited in Warsaw | #59 Painting Exhibition


On June 30, the mural “Himalayas visible from India” from the “2020” series was hung on the central pillar of the Grot-Rowecki Bridge over the Vistula River (view from the Praga side), as the next 59th intervention in public space as part of the “Painting Exhibition” project – a project conducted since 2011. It was a real struggle with the wind and the current, and in the end, the beautiful sun came out.


The original painting was auctioned on July 8 at the contemporary art auction at Desa Unicum. >>

“Himalayas visible from India” from “2020” series, acrylic on canvas, 146×92 cm (2x73x92 cm)




Inhale… Exhale… Through breath, we have a constant connection with the Universe. We live immersed in the air. Our lungs are always exposed. Oxygen from the lungs reaches all cells of the body, so what we breathe, quite literally, is within us. The quality of the air has a fundamental impact on our health and well-being. The closure of factories in 2020 led to a unique phenomenon – for the first time in decades, the Himalayas could be seen from India, or the Tatra Mountains from Krakow. This is usually impossible because the smog in the air breathed by millions of people is permanently present.







I n h a l e  e x h a l e  i n h a l e

Breathe without thinking about breath

Breathe effortlessly

Breathe so that the breath fills the entire body

Breathe softly

Breathe quietly

Breathe as if smelling

Barely moving the chest

Paint your body from the inside with breath

Paint boundless landscapes

Inhale boundlessness


Open your eyes on your body

Beneath the chest

On the stomach

On the arms

On the back

Behind the knees

On the palms, soles, heels, and fingers

On the temples and throat

On the crown of the head

Open everywhere you feel tight

Open where they are closed

Look with your whole body in all directions

Let your gaze merge with what you see

Breathe with your eyes

In the lower part of your abdomen, there is water flowing