“#wypierdalać” painting sold at Desa Unicum auction house


On August 26th, the painting “#wypierdalać” (#fuckoff) was auctioned at “Sztuka ulicy” (Street Art) at Desa Unicum. See >>

This painting was created during the Women’s Strikes during the lockdown in 2020 as a profound act of opposition to the violation of women’s rights in Poland.

Today, I look at this situation from the perspective of Afghan women, girls, and children who currently have no rights.

The entire series “2020” in the form of a “pandemic gallery” on the facade of Komuna Warszawa is still accessible. Visit Emilii Plater 31, corner of Nowogrodzka. See >>

“#wypierdalać” from the “2020” series, acrylic on canvas, 146×92 cm 2x73x92cm, 2020.



The painting “#wypierdalać” clearly addresses the women’s protests in Poland. In 2020, women took to the streets across the country in an unprecedented number, risking their lives and health during the pandemic. The energy of rebellion was stronger than common sense. Every third young person in Poland participated in the Women’s Strike protests. This clearly shows that women are taking a stand in the public space and, without restraint, are fighting for their agency. No leader of a pathological patriarchal political or religious system will decide about their bodies and lives. Mature and young generations of Polish women, those born in the European Union, have shown that they will not surrender to the rule of xenophobic frustrates, leading with European values of freedom and the right to self-determination. They will not fight for their rights like obedient girls because they no longer have to.