“Interior – Exterior” project

The project “Interior – Exterior” is an open series of paintings-illustrations by Beata Konarska to texts by Jagna Ambroziak.
“Interior – Exterior” is an attempt to recover the truth, searching for the dictionary of the body and mind. It is talking about us, without finished thoughts. (…) We stand naked in front of the world, despite our clothes. Unaware of the revealed meanings. Each of the heads shows a different performance, from which we often try to turn our backs. We are not particularly guilty of this, we have only recently grown up … (…) “
Jagna Ambroziak  
Exhibition at the Dog or Bitch gallery in Warsaw (12.2017-01.2018)
Exhibition at the Art of Choice Gallery in Gdańsk (06-07.2018)
Exhibition at the Desa Gallery in Warsaw (12.2018-01.2019)
The works are published on the literary blog of Jagna Ambroziak.