“Pigeons” | Warsaw | 2019

The idea of ​​’Pigeons’ mural fits into a sociocultural dialog referring to the history of Targówek district. I was directly inspired by the long tradition of pigeon breeding, characteristic specifically for this part of Warsaw and constantly cultivated there.

The residential building at Wejherowska Street is located in the heart of Targówek, on the outskirts of which the fragments of characteristic wooden buildings have been preserved. Workers, stonemasons, small shopkeepers, craftsmen, streetcar workers, and railwaymen used to live in these houses. The railwaymen were the largest group of pigeon fanciers.

In the post-war times, there were cages with pigeons at almost every building in Targówek. Their flights were a natural element of the local cityscape. There are currently far fewer pigeon fanciers, but this tradition has not died and has continued among the young generation of Targówek residents.

New residential buildings, like the one at Wejherowska Street, built within the old urban grid, play a specific social function related to the architectural revitalization of the area. When creating the mural, I wanted to gain this sociocultural aspect by fitting into the unique genius loci of the space. These are inhabitants who mainly shape the public space, so any change should start with recognizing their role in creating the identity of the place.

The mural is laser engraved on Verolith StoDeco boards, and then painted. The graphic design and the minimalistic palette of colors of the mural complement the building’s architecture. Linear elements fit into the character of the metal balcony railings and the horizontal lines on the facade. The mural was realized in November 2019.